Landslide Evacuation drill: Glimpses those may inspire you

About ten moths back on September third week i was in Indonesia as a volunteer in KIDS program which targeted to spread disaster prevention education in disaster prone areas, especially it is focusing in Indonesia since last 10 years after great west Sumatra earthquake and tsunami as initiated and supported by Professor Junji Kiyono from Kyoto University, Japan.
Rescue during Evacuation Drill
Last year we have plan to do activities in Manado, capital of North Sumatra Province and another island Siau even east north, near to Philippines in Pacific ocean, where we took express boat for 4 and half hours. We especially focused on educating primary students by playing drama as Doraemon and also other activities.
September 18, 2013 there was an evacuation drill in Siau island organized by Local government, BPBD with main support of JICA and coordination with red-cross societies.

Siau island have risk of pyroclastic flow from active Karangetan volcano on top of mountain and another main risk of landslide.
Karangetan Volcano @4:00 am

It was drill where we have  to assume all environments, here for landslide drill they have to announce there was high rain but actually 17th night was heavy rained night that might caused change drill to real scenario but that was not happened :) . Main evacuation center was in local government buildings and compound.
Morning @ 8 am Local meteriological agency office announced there is high rainfall so there was chances of landslide in a village of ward no 07 and 08. Message instantly spread to regional office of disaster prevention in Manado and all local leaders of village who have their woki toki, spread message to all residents and announce them to gather at a safe place, that recognized by local government as local evacuation centers.
At the same time as alarmed for landslide, people got injured in many places, ambulances ran to take injured people, volunteers started rescuing people with first aid and let know to head office for level of injury. All the people from several area got rescued by ambulances, private trucks and cars to main evacuation center. All injured people treated there in tents set by red cross. Local officer distribute some stuffs as relief to them, all those activities wrapped up in about 45 minutes despite of gathering in village.
That drill really helped people how to response during disaster. Some photographs may explain you more. :)
Pyroclastic flow and residential houses

Residential house over pyroclasic material foundaion

Redcross preparation for rescue

Local government office building Siau

Shelters and treatment units

Injured people and volunteer rescuers

prepared to take for treatment

Treatment unit

People under treatment

Stuffs to distribute evacuees

Ambulace took injured people from far village

Evacuees from village of landslide

Evacuees wait in shelter

Local officer distribute stuffs

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