Tragic earthquake events in one month claimed more than 750 from Asia

One month back on 24th September, 2013 south western part of Pakistan rocked by earthquake tremor of M7.7 which left more than 515 people dead and following tremor after 4 days on 28th September on the same area another earthquake of Magnitude M6.8 jolted on the same area reclaimed more than 30. later on 15th October another east Asian country, Philippines faced the same tragedy of more than 209 people due to tremor of M7.2 in the morning. For video about Pakistan earthquake click below.
Video of news about Pakistan earthquake.

Video of responses after Philippines Earthquake

List of large earthquakes on one month:

Low strength houses and other structures are the cause of rising death tolls. In the world masonry structures occupied the most percentage of graph, which are less strong than concrete and steel structures. In Pakistan most of the houses on affected area are of unreinforced masonry structures which collapsed with leaving dust on air and trapping people underneath. Public awareness about the instantaneous safety during earthquake and economical safety features inside the house like strong tables, beds etc for hide can reduce death tolls in such situation.

Some Photographs from Pakistan
Photo Courtesy Reuters

Photo courtesy

Some Snaps after Philippines Earthquake

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