New Island of Pakistan got one month maturity

New Island got appeared near the coast of Pakistan due to earthquake get maturity of 1 month now. On 24th September 2013, When M7.7 earthquake jolted south western part of Pakistan claimed more than 515 people; on the same time rising of one new island near the coast of Pakistan was added to the list of no. of Islands.  Due to the fault movement, pressure under the plates and fracture during earthquake, which gives the way to out causes the dumping of soil and rock formed the new island. This phenomenon is not a new one, there were many such events, formed new islands in past. Some Photos of fresh island are here.

New Island Of Pakistan

Photo Courtesy: Pakistan Officials

Photo Courtesy

Initially earth have just one island as total of land but later it breaks and separated continuously so now we have Thousands of islands as a result of plate tectonics.
In geologic terms, a plate is a large, rigid slab of solid rock. The word tectonics comes from the Greek root "to build." Putting these two words together, we get the term plate tectonics, which refers to how the Earth's surface is built of plates. The theory of plate tectonics states that the Earth's outermost layer is fragmented into a dozen or more large and small plates that are moving relative to one another as they ride atop hotter, more mobile material. Before the advent of plate tectonics, however, some people already believed that the present-day continents were the fragmented pieces of preexisting larger landmasses ("supercontinents"). The diagrams below show the break-up of the supercontinent Pangaea (meaning "all lands" in Greek), which figured prominently in the theory of continental drift -- the forerunner to the theory of plate tectonics. 

Changes in Globe

(Photo and reference USGS)

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